Locked Executive Console for Paper Shredding

Executive Console

36"H x 20"W x 20"D
Volume Capacity:
~3 standard storage boxes
Weight Capacity: ~100lbs.
64 Gallon Tote

64-Gallon Tote

42"H x 23"W x 29"D
Volume Capacity:
~6 standard storage boxes
Weight Capacity: ~200lbs.

On Site Secure Destruction for Your Information and Records

  • Your company's sensitive documents are easily deposited in our locked containers placed throughout your workplace. Bonded security professionals routinely remove the contents and shred them immediately, on site, in our NAID certified mobile shredding trucks. Powerful blades then shred the material to unrecognizable bits of paper.
  • Your files and information are no longer recognizable and cannot be reconstructed as they mix with thousands of pounds of paper from other offices. All shredded material is transported back to our NAID certified plant for baling and secure sealed shipment to a paper mill for recycling.
  • Your company receives a Certificate of Destruction on each visit.

Container Service

  • Your company chooses the customized volume and frequency of service that meets your needs. We offer attractive executive consoles for office settings and totes for easy movement around the office.