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Container Service

Estimate your container requirements. Tote and console containers are for routine container service.

64 Gallon Tote
64 Gallon Tote
42" high x 25.2" wide
(approx. 250 lbs.)
Equilivant to 6 standard bankers boxes
Executive Console
Executive Console
36" high x 20" wide
(approx. 100 lbs.)
Equilivant to 3 standard bankers boxes

Record Storage Boxes

Record Storage Boxes are typically two different sizes. Please choose the size and number for destruction.

Standard Record Storage Box
Standard Record Storage Box
12? x 12? x 15?
(approx. 30 lbs.)
Large Record Storage Box
Large Record Storage Box
12? x 12? x 25?
(approx. 55 lbs.)

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Additional Notes

SecurShred will use the above information to determine the amount of time to schedule this work. If the number of boxes at a customer’s
location is more than selected above, then SecurShred may not be able to complete the entire job on the scheduled date.

The SecurShred customer service team will contact you within 1 business day with a free estimate for services.

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