Records Retention Policy

Is it time to clean out offices, purge old documents, and/or update your files?

SecurShred is here to help you with your file purging. We offer NAID Certified On-site and Off-Site document destruction service, as well as,
hard drive destruction, electronics recycling, record and data storage, and document scanning/file conversion.

When it comes time to clean out your old files, how do you know what to keep and what to get rid of? What is the true lifespan of documents?

Below is a basic guide to help you plan what to keep and what you can get rid of.

How long should I keep my files?

General Items Years
Capital Stock Ledgers Permanent
Minute Books Permanent
Canceled Bonds & Interest Coupons 7 years
Proxies of Holders of Voting Securities 2 years
List of Holders of Voting Securities 7 years
Deeds, Titles, Abstracts, etc. Permanent
List of Holders of Voting Securities 7 years (After expiration)





Financial Documents
General Ledgers Permanent
Statements (Balance Sheets, etc.) Permanent
Cost Ledger Permanent
Accounts Receivable Ledgers 7 Years
Books of Original Entry (including General Journal Entries) Permanenet
Insurance Policies 3 Years (After Expiration)
Tax Returns & Records Permanent
Audit Reports Permanent
Plant Ledger Permanent
Royalty Computations 7 years (After Expiration)
Excise Tax Computations 5 years







Receipts & Expenditures
Duplicate Deposit Tickets 1 year
Bank Statements & Canceled Checks 7 Years
Duplicate Checks 4 years
Accounting Payable Files
All supporting Data (i.e., invoices, receiving taxes, purchase orders, etc.) 7 years
Canceled Payroll Checks 7 Years
Payroll Journals 7 years
Time Cards 4 years





Our powerful shredding blades are able to shred this material, however, it is not the same substance and will
contaminate the paper for recycling. We are allowed a certain amount of “contamination” per bail of shredded
paper. Any metals that are in the paper are taken out through a series of steps at the paper mill.

Please do not hesitate to contact Mark or JoEllen in Customer Service or Natalie in Sales for inquiries regarding
additional services that we offer. We can be reached by phone at 1.877.863.3003 extension 1 for scheduling,
extension 2 for Sales or by email at We also have an online destruction service, you
can get a free quote at


What happens to the paper once it is shredded?

The destroyed paper is sent to a local paper mill and recycled back into tissue products. Once converted into tissue products the items are then redistributed back into our local communities through a distribution company.

What can go into our SecurShred bin(s) for shredding:

1)     Paper, manila folders, hanging files, accordion files.

2)     Paper clips, bull clip, staples, rubber bands.

3)     In very small amounts CD’s or back-up tapes.

What cannot be shredded:

1)     Binders, cardboard, plastic bags.