Fuel Surcharge

January 12 , 2015 in SecurShred in the News

As you know, vehicle fuel prices have dropped considerably over the past few months. 

In 2005, SecurShred instituted a fuel surcharge as the price of diesel fuel reached $2.75 and significantly increased that year by almost $1.00.  The current diesel fuel price is still above $3.00 per gallon.  This is one reason why this surcharge has not been removed.

In addition to not raising our fuel surcharge when the price of diesel fuel continued to rise above $4.00 per gallon, SecurShred has not raised its shredding rates in over 8 years.

We understand that the security of your confidential information is very important to your business.  This is why SecurShred operates under strict industry guidelines to ensure that your information is protected.  SecurShred is certified by the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID) for mobile and plant-based operation for the destruction of paper media, non-paper media, and hard drives.

In addition to offering shredding services that meet or exceed the nation’s information destruction security standards, SecurShred also can provide full service information management services such as document imaging, records storage, and electronics recycling.

At this time, you will continue to see the fuel surcharge on your invoice as the diesel fuel rate is still above 2005 prices, our other costs of doing business have increased, and we have not raised our shredding rates.