Document Imaging... What Is It?

April 01 , 2014 in SecurShred in the News

Document Imaging... What Is It?         

Document imaging or document conversion, allows companies to capture paper-based information and convert it to electronic files that are stored in a computer, backup drive, on a cloud or other storage media. 

What Is Imaging?

These days the majority of documents that are created are stored electronically. However, nearly every organization has a large volume of documents that currently only exist in a paper format.  


Document Imaging or document conversion, allows these companies to capture their paper based information and convert it to electronic documents. These images can then be stored electronically.  


There are several reasons why companies decide to digitize these paper documents and make them available electronically:

  • Accessibility and easier access
  • Enables your files to be able to fully searchable with a stroke of a key
  • Higher security especially of sensitive documents 
  • Incredible space saving
  • Meeting scanning/capture requirements

Imaging can be a costly process when done in-house because of what it entails. Because of this, it deserves attention and analysis before you should just dive into this project. Even though imaging is getting easier to manage, there are still lots of big steps in an imaging project to consider:

  • Cost of equipment and time and money to train employees 
  • Sorting the documents
  • Preparing them for scanning
  • Scanning
  • Indexing the scanned documents so they can be retrieved and searched
  • Storing in a system
Even in a well organized environment it takes a lot of time and effort to sort and prepare the documents. What is always perceived as a simple task is usually not so. What needs to take place during document preparation can be extensive such as removing all of the staples and paperclips in its self can be a mammoth task when considering the volume of paper to be addressed. 


Another important and very time consuming element is the indexing of your documents. This is an incredibly important step and if done wrong you will find that a lot of money is being spent making documents irretrievable. The quality and effort put into these activities determines how well the document can be found in the electronic environment.  


Next question you need to address is what file format will be used to store the files. What quality of scan is needed and what needs to be scanned in addition to many other questions that also have to be answered.

All of these elements and many more determine the success of an imaging project which is often linked to an effort of gaining better control of all information in an organization. 

There are other options to consider. Outsourcing this project can save your company time and money along with the headaches of getting it done right. SecurShred in South Burlington, Vermont has been offering these services to customers of all sizes and needs. There experienced, knowledgeable staff is ready to help. By outsourcing your imaging needs you can save your company time and money.

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