Recycling your electronic waste is the right solution for today and our future. 

SecurShred is a regional provider that E-cycles computer and other electronic equipment in a safe manner for commercial businesses and consumers on a regular basis. We collect E-waste and E-cycle goods throughout our service territory. Simple for you, better for our environment. We securely destroy electronic storage media and responsibly recycle computers and other electronic hardware and components.

In all cases it is the top priority of SecurShred to ensure compliance of all State and Federal regulations and that “End of Life“ scrap is tracked and managed with full transparency.


What We E-cycle
• CPUs, Towers, Servers
• Desktops and Laptops 
• Monitors - CRTs and LCDs
• Keyboards, Mice, Cables, etc.
• Handheld Electronic Devices
• Printers and Fax Machines
• Print/Copy/Scan Work Stations
• Hard Drives
• Cell Phones, PDAs
• Battery Backups
• Fluorescent Bulbs
• And other materials

What We Destroy
• Hard Drives
• Cassette & Cartridge Tapes
• CDs, DVDs, Zip and Floppy Disks
• Microfiche and Microfilm
• Reel Film
• And other materials